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Job Coaching

Moms looking for employment are matched with an experienced recruiter to explore job options, complete job applications, and prepare for interviews.

Support Services

Moms who have not been able to work due to circumstances outside of their control will be provided the necessary support (such as rides to work or resources for child care) to secure employment.


Employers do you have positions you need filled? Let MOMentum do the work for you. We will connect you with qualified candidates to get the job done!

Strengthening Social Capital

MOMentum facilitates community events  to bring moms together to share resources and ideas. Strengthening social ties provides women with informal supports to gain and maintain employment.

Job Coaching

What kind of job will be a good fit for you and your family? How much do you have to earn to make ends meet? What types of work do you enjoy? These are questions you will get to explore when you meet with MOMentum founder and president, Meredith Metcalf. Once you decide what jobs you want to pursue, you will be supported with the application process thru six months in your new role.

Meredith has extensive experience partnering with women to identify and achieve career and financial goals. As an experienced recruiter and human resource professional, Meredith knows what jobs are out there and what employers are looking for. 

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Support Services

Do you want to work but have something standing in your way? MOMentum can help! Through consultation and partnerships with local businesses we can provide:

  • rides to work 

  • connect you to child care options

  • put together a budget so you can start planning for your future

  • coaching to help you land the job 

  • connect you to other women in similar situations-we have your back!

Strengthening Social Capital

"Social capital refers to the connections, networks, or relationships among people and the value that arises from them and can be accessed or mobilized to help individuals succeed in life. It produces information, emotional and financial support, and/or other resources." -Institute for  Research on Poverty 

The stronger the social network, the more likely moms will secure and maintain employment.

MOMentum strengthens moms' social capital by:

  • hosting FREE community events for moms from diverse backgrounds

  • facilitating conversations to help moms get to know one another

  • encouraging women to share resources and ideas with each other

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