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Networking for Working Moms: Building Professional Relationships

City life used to promise an active social scene. It also promised strong public services and a built-in network of like-minded people. But these days, life in the city hits different. It’s hard to meet people, to get around, and to advance in your career. Especially if you’re a working mother. 

I became a mom during the first week of the pandemic. I was new to the city. I didn’t have family, friends, or a community - and definitely not that ever elusive “village”. From the start I lived, worked, and parented in isolation. No wonder it was hard to navigate building my career and taking care of things at home!

I tried for months and years to go it alone. The city promised support and community. But, this was before the pandemic. At first I stayed isolated because I had to, but after a while it just became status quo. After much frustration and burnout, I started to see this:

If you want to get ahead at work while supporting your family...

Then focus on this one thing that yields incredible results:


The Power of Networking for Working Moms

Networking is more than just exchanging business cards or attending events. Those are some of the actions you take when you network. But, networking is about building real relationships. Relationships which open doors to opportunities. Relationships that help strengthen your support system. These can play a pivotal role in your career, personal growth, and life!

1. Access to Opportunities

Networking allows working moms to access a large network of professionals. You can find mentors and potential employers. You can find career programs and education that matter to you. You can find these by connections at events in-person or online platforms like social media. You might get a chance to seize these opportunities right away. Once you start networking, things can move quickly! Or, you may form long-term relationships which can help you later on. Every connection is a good connection that grows your network!  

2. Professional Development

Connecting with like-minded professionals gives you a direct link to valuable resources and insider knowledge. I've attended workshops and joined industry groups that help me learn and improve. Joining networking groups in my field has changed my experience as a working mom. Even four years later, it can still feel lonely. But, my industry peers give me valuable advice and connections. I always leave our conversations with a positive outlook.

3. Emotional Support

Navigating the dual roles of career professional and mother is challenging. But building professional relationships can be a source of emotional support. Connecting with other mothers who face similar challenges helps a lot. This is especially true during times of mental fatigue and burnout. A networking brunch over the holidays introduced me to my core group of mom friends. It gave us a space to laugh, vent, and get support!

Sometimes, it can be strange to meet new people and put yourself out there. But sharing coffee and conversation is a great way to ease into it. I’m always surprised how quickly I can bond with another mom over shared struggles. I often offer support and encouragement to others. Being a source of support and knowledge to others makes me feel less alone. 

4. Confidence Boost

I can't say this enough. Networking boosts your confidence and self-esteem! We live in a world where we’re always connected but where we’re rarely connecting! Sharing your accomplishments with people from diverse backgrounds can give you new perspective. They can give you insight into your career and personal success. Going alone for so long drains how you value yourself and show up. But networking always reminds me of my worth!

MOMentum: Empowering Working Moms Through Networking

MOMentum understands the unique challenges faced by working moms. We know because we are working moms!

We are committed to mentoring and supporting moms in Omaha. We do this by connecting moms with our network in the community. This can happen at a social event, a workshop, or a 1:1 conversation. We also provide direct support to moms that helps you get and keep your job!

If you're feeling like you're stuck, stressed, or overwhelmed with life as a working mom, I highly recommend networking with professionals in the community. Especially with other working moms! It is one of the top things to gain momentum in your career.

We may not have the village we expected. But, we can make our own in Omaha!

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