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Post-separation Harassment

Hello! Happy New Year! (How long into the new year can you still say that?)

I have connected with many moms over the years about ongoing harassment from ex-partners. Moms finally break free from abusive/unhealthy relationships only to find that the abuse escalates once separated. If this doesn't make sense to you, or you don't understand how the abuse could continue, see below the Post Separation Abuse Wheel for examples.

Post Separation Abuse Wheel PDF Copyright OMB 2021
Download PDF • 199KB

I have come to learn how common it is for abusers to use the family court system as a tool for violence. Filing repeated motions or petitions, disregarding court orders while motions are pending (i.e. not paying child support, not following parenting plan), delaying trial dates...running up attorney fees anyway they can. Litigation abuse and other forms of post-separation abuse is overwhelming. Many parents give up simply because they cannot afford to keep fighting in court.

If you are currently fighting your ex for custody, or you continue to struggle to positively and safely co-parent your children with your ex-partner, consider attending our upcoming workshop with McGill Law! While all of this can feel overwhelming, we want to provide some helpful information to women navigating the complex family court system. Please register by February 10th!

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